Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update and Care Package

Well, the last I checked in was when our Dossier went to China and China gave us our Log In Date of 6/13/11. Since then we have been waiting for China to give us our LOA (official permission to adopt Hannah). Getting your LOA is so difficult to predict. Some people have waited 100+ days while others have gotten theirs in 20 days. Our agency told us to expect it to take 2 months. We are currently on day 35, so hopefully we are at least half way there! After we get our LOA, there are many small steps that lead to us getting our TA (Travel Authorization). Based on current estimates, we reasonably expect to travel to China in early November. There are still so many steps so estimating our travel is difficult.

Last week we arranged to have a package delivered to Hannah and her care givers. It should be delivered to her this week! We are so excited that she will be getting something from us. Included in her package was a blanket lovie, beautiful pink and white blanket, disposable camera, cookies and candy for her care givers, a letter from us, and a soft photo album with pictures of us. This will be the first time that Hannah lays eyes on her family!!! We are glad she will be able to get familiar with our faces and that her care givers will see what we look like.

A lady in China is arranging the delivery of her package. When she called the orphanage she requested new pictures and updated info on Hannah. We are hopeful that they will supply the requested information. If so, I'll post them to the blog so you can all enjoy them too!

Here are some pictures of the care package we had sent...

We hope you are all enjoying your summer! We have been having a great summer! Hailey turned 2 in June. She has ditched her binkie and moved into a big girl bed! She is really growing up! The boys are busy with swim lessons and enjoying the low key days of summer! We all went to Pennsylvania for 12 days in late June/early July to visit our family in PA. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed escaping the Texas heat for a bit! Blessing to you all!


  1. I love her gifts!!! And I can't wait to hear and see the update!!!!

  2. Come on LOA! They have to start cranking them out soon! I hope you get more pictures with your care package. Best of luck to you!