Friday, November 11, 2011

All About Daddy!!!

We have made it to Guangzhou and are checked into the Garden Hotel. This place is beautiful!!! I had heard it was nice, but this place really is amazing. Our suite here is wonderful and similar in space and amenities to the one in Chengdu. We might like this one more because we didn't have to sit in the lobby for 3 hours to get it! It also had a gift basket for Hannah in the crib, so that helped too! We have the boys asleep and Hannah has had her bath and is watching me type from her crib. I doubt it will be long before she is asleep too.

Our flight from chengdu to Guangzhou took a toll on us. First, we have a lot of baggage (checked and carry on) and it gets difficult to move it from one place to the next with 3 kids in tow. The boys are quite helpful with the bags, but it is still a big production to move from city to city. Also, Hannah had a rough time when we first got to the airport and during the last 30 mins of the flight. It's hard to know why she gets so upset, but it is heartbreaking. She just cries and cries and can't be consoled. She was in my carrier when it happened at the airport. I didn't want to get her out because the airport was so busy and I wasn't interested in playing the Chinese version of "Where's Waldo." I was very proud of her though because despite her fit she didn't pinch me and when I saw her clinch her fist I held her arm and she didn't try to head butt me or hit me with the other arm. I know this sounds funny, but it truly is progress! I think the business of the airport freaked her out, but I don't if it was that for sure. After a while she was fine and enjoyed the rest of her time at the airport. She was doing great on the flight, but in the last 30 minutes it went downhill. She resumed the same type of fit as before. It really is a sad sight to see. She won't make eye contact and she is clearly in distress. It didn't seem like her ears hurt, just more sorrow than pain. Either way it is one of the most horrible things!!! But, a positive thing, she didn't try to hit, pinch or head butt at all on the plane. Progress is progress right! She seemed great once we got out of the airplane.

Okay, on a happier note, Hannah has decided that Chris is the best ting ever!!! Yep, just like Hailey, she thinks he hung the moon. The pictures speak for themselves!!!! Chris was throwing her in the air and being a human baby swing much to her shear delight! You must know that Chris is loving this girl and watching her delight in him was just priceless. She is a blessed girl to have such a great daddy.

New city = new guide!!!! It would have been hard not to improve from Tina, but we hit the jackpot with our new guide. He is awesome! He has been a guide for 7 years and you can just tell he is great!!! I'm so thankful. This journey is long and at this point it is a welcome change to have a competent guide. I feel like we can relax and let Elvin take over. Tomorrow Hannah has her medical exam. I hope she doesn't smack the medical provider. If so, I'm sure she wouldn't be the first!

Blessings from Guangzhou!!!!

Chris, Amy, Travis, Chase and Hannah


  1. Priceless pictures!! Love them all! She is such a little bitty thing...curious to hear how much she weighs. She looks so sweet, it's hard to imagine her being such a fiesty thing!

  2. Love the photos! So awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this journey with all of us!

  3. Of course she would be daddy's little girl! I love seeing y'all doing so well. God is awesome! Can't wait to see you next Thursday!

  4. Amy,
    We are another AP family, right now awaiting TA. It's been fun to follow your blog and see what we can expect and get your perspective on things. Hannah is a beauty and it's fun to see your boys there, too. We will be taking our 8 and 10 year old boys with us to pick up our girl...hopefully later this month. Thanks for blogging! It's wonderful to "meet" your family in this way!

  5. Wow Amy! Those are fantastic photos. You are quite talented at this. Love to come by the site just to see what you have done. I wish I had someone like you for my daughter in law. Oh, wait!