Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On our way

Hi all! We are sitting at the O'Hare airport ready to board our flight to Beijing! It is a 13 hour and 40 minute flight! Yikes!!! We will be in the air for a long time!!! We are excited! The boys are excited and having fun! I can't believe we are finally going to get Hannah! We will be in Beijing for a few days, then we will proceed to Chengdu (where Hannah's orphanage is). We will get her on Monday Nov 7th. It will still be Orphan Sunday in the us when we get her that Monday morning! Cool, huh!!! We will spend about 5 days in Chengdu finalizing adoption paperwork and then proceed to Guangzhou. That is where the us consulate is located and we need to go there to get Hannah's visa to come home. We will spend our last day In hong kong before we fly home on November 17th.

Sorry I've been neglecting the blog lately! We have been BUSY!!!! We have been packing packing and packing some more!!!! We also ran the chosen marathon this past weekend - Chris ran the full and I did the half. We were joined by many friends and family members to make the day extra sweet! Now the soreness has worn off and we are ready for what lies ahead. We pray for God to go before us and work miraculously is Hannah's heart that she would trust us easily and not be too afraid. We are praying for our Hailey at home who is in good hands, but so far away. We miss her do much already. Chase cried in the car this morning because he missed her so much. We trust God with it all. His faithfullness has been our comfort.

Check back here often to see what is going on. We should be able to update the blog in China. If you are used to reading my blog posts because I send you the text and the link via email, I'm not sure if I can do all of that in china, so bookmark this website and check back often. We love you all and welcome your prayers.



  1. Praying, Praying, Praying!! HAVE FUN!!!!

  2. Hi Amy !
    Ive been following your blog... We leave today for our Gracie!!! I didnt realize our timeline is the same!!! Maybe we can see you in GZ!! You are with baas too, right??!! I have not been following the yahoo group lately... But are you staying at the garden?? Leave a comment on my blog or send me an email if you want to meet up in GZ!!! Sooo excited for you & your Haanah!!!!!