Friday, November 4, 2011

A Great Day at New Day

The boys returned from New Day Foster Home saying "we had a great day at New Day" and Chris and I would whole heartily agree!!!  New Day is a Christian foster home outside of Beijing.  They cooperate with about 25 orphanages in China.  The orphanages will ask New Day to accept their children that are in need of more specialized care, normally due to a big medical need.  Many of their children will require heart surgery or other major surgeries.  These kids will leave New Day for their surgery and return to New Day for love, medical care and therapy.  They will stay at New Day until they are adopted!   It's a great facility and the kids are amazing!  Kids are available for monthly sponsorships too (about $34 dollars/ month) so if you are interested in sponsoring a New Day child let me know.  I can vouch for how incredible this organization is!

We left early this morning (6:30 am) to go to New Day and we had about an hour and a half drive.  We arrived in time for morning prayer, which was nice.  Then I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Joshua!!! I was allowed to join him and his teacher (Ruth) for his one on one time.  He sat in Ruth's lap and colored and read a Thomas book.  He also showed me his picture of his family - our good friends, the Pflukes!!!  I sat nearby and took pictures of him and talked to him too.  After awhile he came over and sat in my lap!!!  OH MY!!!  MELT MY HEART!!!!  After that he was my buddy!  We joined Chris and the boys at preschool time where the super smart Joshua put together 3 puzzles.  He worked so hard and concentrated so much he worked up a sweat!  After that we played with some blocks and Joshua had a snack.  After preschool time we were able to get a tour of the New Day Foster Home facilities.  It was so good to see all that they we doing for these precious children.  We also met Joy a one year old baby girl that was a precious little thing.  She had a heart defect and has now had surgery.  Our boys played with her and I couldn't help but think of our Hannah.  Later we joined Joshua on the playground and we all had a lot of fun!  Then it was lunchtime.  Joshua was able to sit with us and really enjoyed his food and a sampling of ours too.  After lunch, it was time for Joshua's nap.  While Joshua napped we were able to tour New Day Creations - the parent company that the foster home works under.  ND Creations produces gift items and it was so cool to see how many of these items go from a prototype to a finished product.  We loved it!  After that we went into the nearby village to check out the local activity.  Finally, we returned to the New Day compound to see the guest house.  We ended the day with a final outing to the playground with Joshua.  When we said goodbye, we all gave Joshua hugs and kisses and told him he would see him in America.  I gave him a hug specifically from his momma, my good friend Erika.  He seemed to understand that I had the privilege to be the ambassador of her affection for him and he reciprocated warmly!  

I'm overwhelmed by the goodness of God!!!  I'm so thankful for the chance to be the advance party for Joshua!  I'm thankful that the Watt family did the same for our Hannah in August.  There is nothing like having another mom be with your child and to hear that they are okay.  I'm thankful that so many children are being cared for so nicely by New Day.  It is neat to see so many Christians being the hands and feet of Jesus to these precious children!   

Tomorrow is our last full day in Beijing.  We will tour tomorrow and then on Sunday we will be flying from Beijing to Chengdu (Hannah's province).  Then we will meet her on Monday morning - about 55 hours from now.  

Blessings to all of you!

Amy Chris Travis and Chase


  1. OH!! I LOVE it!!!!! What a blessing, blessing, blessing!!

    Continuing to lift you all in prayers!!


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Yep, love the pictures of Joshua ... he's a CUTIE! Now, ready to see pictures of HANNAH with you. A great way to end a great Orphan Sunday (and my littlest almond eyes birthday party day) ... will be knowing your journey has finally arrived at it's destination. Hugs!

  3. He is just precious!!! I love that you got to spend so much time with him. I can't wait tot meet that little sweetie one day. Each day of your trip seems to be filled with lots of fun and wonderful blessings. Can't wait to read about THE DAY and see pics of you all with Hannah