Monday, November 7, 2011

We Have Her!!!

We have Hannah and she is precious, beautiful, spunky, tiny and wonderful! Yes, I did say spunky. Now I will have 2 spunky girls on my hands!! Yikes!!! She is doing really well. We have already seen many smiles and she is speaking a lot too. She is repeating a lot of things we are saying in English! Who knew we were getting the cutest and the smartest one in all of China?!?!?!? I'll have to post more later, but I wanted to share 2 very cool things.

1. After we got her we went to a grocery store to get some formula for her. I was carrying her and I sang Jesus Loves Me to her. She clapped when I finished and gave us the toothiest smile and you could see pure joy all over her face. She really loves music. I looked over at Chris and he was teary eyed to see this tiny thing so taken with her mama singing Jesus Loves Me. It was great.

2. Many of you know that we haven't known the date she had her heart surgery. We had it narrowed down to a 2 month window. Many of you also know that we had planned to save money for a year and start the adoption process in Sept 2011. In late December, and particularly the week of Christmas, Chris was so unsettled about waiting and felt God was prompting us to start right away. So with little more than the application fee saved and a huge helping of faith we decided to start sooner. Today we learned that Hannah had her surgery on December 22nd. When God was healing her broken heart, He was breaking Chris' heart for her! When we saw the date on her paperwork today we looked at each other and we both had tears in our eyes. We serve a good God and he exists in the very details of our lives. He writes a beautiful story!! He deserves all the glory for this child and we are thankful.

My girl is sleeping now (and so is her Daddy). I'm going to post this before they wake up. We will post more when we can. We love you all and all of the great messages and texts we received today. We are so thankful for all of you!


Chris, Amy, Travis, Chase and Hannah


  1. I hope I'm the first to read this! Love it! It's true God puts the lonely into families (Psalm 68:6). She looks like she's going to fit right in. So happy for you guys.

  2. Just sobbing tears of JOY!!!! Hannah (and her Mommy) are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  3. She is beautiful! Congratulations and enjoy getting to know your little girl!

  4. She fits in like a glove. God is so awesome! I love your testimony to Christ. I hope everyone listens to His leading like you did. What a blessing! We love you!!!

  5. I love God's story!! And I love how He reveals to us, that yes indeed, He is in all the smallest of details!! I have similar stories on dates for both of my girls!

    Praying for a sweet and easy transition for the whole family!!


  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Thanks for making me cry at zero dark thirty this morning :) What a beautiful story of God's fingerprints all over Hannah's life!

  7. Tears!! What a beautiful child! She is precious and to hear how God is working in her life and the life of her forever it! Can't wait to hear more and see more pictures!!

  8. We just watched our Gotcha Day video with friends from our travel group last night. Wonderful memories of meeting O for the first time. I love imagining your meeting today. So sweet. Can't wait to see sweet Hannah in person soon! Hugs and have fun in Guangzhou! Can I send you a shopping list? Ha.

  9. Love it! Praising God for His goodness & your blessings!